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“I had been suffering with arthritic joint pain for many years. Through the years the condition worsened to the point that I was seriously weeks away from considering going through with a treatment plan to include bilateral knee replacement surgery.  While speaking with a friend, he mentioned to me how he had avoided a similar surgery via energy healing. He insisted that I meet with his energy healer and facilitated a introduction. I admit I had never sought out such a service before and wasn’t sure of what to expect. Upon meeting Laura she immediately put me at ease. She asked me about my belief system and was very respectful of that throughout the session. I have always adhered to the core belief that the body was designed to self heal. Laura’s focus on the complete me was undeniable. Although I thought I had sought out a solution for my chronic knee pain, I soon realized that I was being treated for so much more. At the completion of my session, not only did I realize a drastic reduction in physical pain, but a awareness and peace that had eluded me for many years. I left her presence focused and synchronized with what I knew internally to be my true purpose. I am grateful that there are such gifted individuals such as Laura Cantu in our presence. I am more grateful that my path crossed with hers in the very moment when I needed it most. I highly recommend that the reader be open to the possibility of booking a session with Laura. You will not be disappointed.”

— Darryl Mickens


"Good Morning, I have been thinking about how much of a blessing these understandings have been. I am thankful for your help the learning lessons. Yesterday I was capturing my self and doing what you said and staying 5 steps ahead.

Thanks! I appreciate your help.”

— G

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